Gifts of Hope

One-Time Gift

School Supplies for a Year

Make a gift of school supplies like paper, pens, pencils, math sets, glue etc, to support their learning needs.

# of children

x $18.00 =


Books for a Year

Gift of all the books in Mandarin Chinese and Tibetan for the school year.

# of children

x $32.00 =


Transportation for a Year

Gift of a year's safe transport from their home village to their boarding school many kilometers away.

# of children

x $48.00 =


Tuition Fee for a Month

This gift goes towards paying the tuition fee for a month of school.

# of children

x $20.00 =


Food & Boarding for a Month

A clean, comfortable bed & lodging, along with food is a crucial support to learning.

# of children

x $60.00 =


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